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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Michella Putri

Being an artist is very promising, especially in terms of material and fame. This in turn inspire newcomers Michella Princess for testing the luck as movie actors and actresses. Films with titles WHITE ASH-ASH and sneakers became a movie premiere, and soon be able to watch at the nearest cinema. Many lessons, according to Chella, so familiarly called, that can be taken from the movie playing, although he still must adapt to all the team. Since the acting world as something new.

"Originally's deg-degan. But because all the crew and temen-temen support, yes I'm so excited," Chella said after a press conference at Soho Cafe, Senayan City, Jakarta Pusat. As a newcomer, Chella admitted often have difficulty in acting. But with effort, along with sincere intentions, little by little, impassable obstacles successfully. "The difficulty is it is definitely there. But if our intentions and continue to feel it, so the problems will disappear," he said confidently.

The girl was born in Jakarta, 31 August, 1995 it admitted had not been satisfied starred in one movie. Embedded desire to re-testing the ability of acting in other movies, especially with teen themes, according to age. "Maybe I prefer a teen movie or a comedy," he said.

Michella Kemala acted as his own daughter in this debut film. He admitted there were many messages to be conveyed, such as juvenile delinquency with jargon free sex. Chella wants to convey moral messages through film, starring together Arumi Bachsin it.

"I think some messages arrive. The teenager made a direct negative view, but they do not see what the consequences. So we'd better tell you now," he said.


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